APE WAR is a Vancouver, B.C. five piece crust punk/hardcore/noise band that's been going strong for six years. Combine Poison Idea and The Jesus Lizard with King Parrot and a hint of The Melvins to get an idea. The band features Doug P.  (vocals, Get Over It/ Dirty Spells), Johnny A (guitar, Cosmonaut, Buried Beneath), Dan B (guitar, Futur Tits/Heavy Days ), Matt T (bass, Get Over It), and Joe S (drums, Whats Wrong Tohei?).

We are currently writing new material and playing shows here in Vancouver. We try to write fast and avoid over thinking it, with Doug usually tweaking arrangements. We all contribute pretty equally, and scrap any song that we don't all enjoy playing.  If something is too complicated, we dumb it down, rock it up! So if a song ends up being 45 seconds long, so be it - no filler. 

Our last release, called P00 G0LEM, was a DIY web only EP available for free on Bandcamp recorded live in 2016. It's our most experimental EP to date, featuring use of effects on vocals previously unheard! This album was an experiment - we were feeling bogged down by or slow writing process ( believe it or not, ) so we decided to write and record as quickly as we can. So each of the songs were written in one jam, polished up a bit and then recorded in an afternoon. It's raw and gnarly.

Our third independent album titled “This is Fucked,” ( released on vinyl October 2015, ) are songs about fantasy and allegory; see through the eyes of a doomed buffalo as it realizes it's been herded off a cliff by human hunters, the futile life cycles of the offspring of a dead god made of self consuming shit, of being alone in the northern winter wilderness and being suddenly snatched off the ground to be dropped from high through the ice of a frozen lake by a witch you'd unknowingly disturbed. Dark fantasy inspired by the current state of the world. And like our previous release, we tracked at Rain City Recorders, live off the floor in one day, to ram that high, raw live energy into the recording.

Our second album, “Templar,” was awarded selection in a compilation mailer to shipped to every university radio station across Canada as part of UBC's "Records Across Canada Project" , we got some good reviews in blogs and print, got some spins on some punk and metal shows in the US as well, and played a bunch of ripping, high energy floor shows with bodies flying and beers flowing. 

Witchfight Demo Review
“...The band's bizarre noisy mix of punk and hardcore, with an occasional metallic tinge, which rises and falls in prominence depending on the song, is hard to understand, but even harder to turn off. Ape War are at their best at their most chaotic...” B. Zorgdrager, Exclaim! 2012

Templar EP review
“Opener “Corgy” begins with the kind of skewed punk-jazz awkwardness of local legends Nomeansno, before careening headlong into 40 seconds of frenzied hardcore abandon. Before you know it, Ape War have blitzed through three tracks in barely two minutes...It's unexpected, it's punishing, it's bloody brutal.” W. Pedly, Discorder, 2013

“Picture Toxic Holocaust but emphasizing a Crust Punk foundation and you get the general idea of this release.  8/10” Apoch's Metal Review, 2013

 “Most likely half of you are not going to enjoy it, I know both me and Ollie did not...I wasn't expecting that...it's screamy, stampy,shouty bollocks”
K.Perez, O. Hynes, Unsigned Band of the Week segment Metalunderground.com Podcast Ep 42

“You guys fucking slayed last night” - guy on our facebook page, 2014


Thanks for checking us out! If you like it, we'll happily send you the 7" vinyl  - just contact us.